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Architectural Concrete

Our creative activities are inspired by industrial space, the golden time of modernism, but also the beauty and power of organic decoration. We design with care to a rich collection of designs with unprecedented form, guaranteeing surprising visual effects.
To meet all your requirements, we create individual projects. We count on your needs and requirements!



The ‘’Rivall’’ wall tile is similar by its shape to the side of hexagon, thanks to which it gives many arrangement possibilities. It might be composed in the form of hexagon, as well as take the form of linear composition, which strongly emphasises the horizontal axial symmetry, vertical axial symmetry and any other one. The 3D effect creates a gentle and unassuming drawing on the wall.

This tile awakens the ultimate thrill due to the possibilities of creating unique configurations.
Wavy lines drawn through the delicate form on the surface of the wall, it magnetises and enchants the viewer. 'Rival' brings positive vibes from the vastness of Aboriginal lands, infinite waves looming on the edge of a vast ocean. A form which calms.



This is a diamond-shaped tile, which gives a lot of arrangement options. It may be composed in the form of linear and concentric settings. The
additional 3D effect ephasises the geometry of pattern on the wall. The tile may create concentric , star-shaped compositions that give soft,
oriental effect, but also diagonal, vertical and horizontal compositions.


A surprising and original tile. A decorative rhombus giving an expressive art space. It creates vivid and striking patterns, dominating as in every detail, dripping with good taste.



A tile of electrifying, bold form with irregular grooves. At first glance it may seem that this is more suited to an interior of strong character.
However, despite the technical elements, the thoughtful compilation, allows you to create a delicate ornament that infuses interior colour and a subtle design.



Tile with an unusual shape, on the pentagon plan. Its form gives you possibility of creating an interesting, organic pattern, so it will help to create a remarkable interior. The concave form of tiles provides an intriguing interplay of light and shadow.

The inspiration for its creation comes from organic structures found in nature. The concave shape softens the nature of the material, giving a plastic feel and expressing varied hues of the setting sun. This tile is available in two sizes.



Tile with an original shape, referring to a form of kite, with a slightly raised tip. This gives a three-dimensional wall with a sensitive nature.
The shape allows you to make many different arrangements.

Light as a feather. Vibrating and undulating line elements. The outline of the tile despite its small thickness, gives a powerful optical spatial effect, creating eye-gazing compositions



Tile created on the trapezoidal form. Its minimalist form surprises - gentle slope gives an impressive, very three-dimensional pattern.
Arrangement of tiles Croco may be the dominant element of interior design.

A dominant form of strong character, helping to highlight the strong tectonics of a wall.
Croco generates a strong rhythm interior, its raw, sharp edges cutting the space giving the viewer signs of drawn lines of light and shadow. Croco, like an army of samurai, upholds what a designers feels when creating a clearly defined space


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