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Our company is made up of a passionate group of friends. As a result, we create charm and character from the most usual places. We are the manufacturer, meaning all projects are treated individually. Each of our products are created with a view to perfection!

Our creative activities are inspired by industrial space, the golden time of modernism, but also the beauty and power of organic decoration. We design with care to a rich collection of designs with unprecedented form, guaranteeing surprising visual effects.

To meet all your requirements, we create individual projects. We count on your needs and requirements! 

For more than five years we have been innovating in the field of architectural concrete production. Currently we create 'GRC system' that combines the highest quality materials with modern technology. This ensures high performance strength, light weight and easy to process products. Artis Visio - here we design to help you and your space.


Conctere Slabs

GRC plates of 11 mm, are a unique material for use as wall cladding, floors and facades. We offer a multitude of finishes, colours and sizes.

Our tiles come in made to measure sizes, in dimensions to suit your needs.


Due to the advanced technology of our production (Glass Reinforced Concrete using glass fibres ZrO2) which is characterized by high, (confirmed by research) technological strength, resistant to harsh weather conditions and a polluted environment.


This material is suited to high, ventilated façades, especially where it is necessary to apply anchors and assembly systems.


Concrete Tiles Rivall
Concrete Tiles Kili

Our tiles are a unique combination of strength and advanced GRC technology, individuality, modern aesthetics and natural beauty.


Making the impossible become possible, even lighter than ceramics.


The authentic beauty of original concrete can be used anywhere where traditional industrial or monstrously heavy construction concrete forms, are impracticable.


Concrete Floor La Rambla
Concrete Floor Serpente

Tiles are produced of natural ingredients and during the process of forming that give the character of the material. That may cause colour
variation, discolourations or trails. The pores are irregular, and the appearance of them is a natural process and material’s self feature.

Architectural concrete tiles are of variuos porosity, which accentuates the material’s character and is its natural feature. There is no
distinction between degrees of porosity.


Concrete Flower Pots
Concrete Furniture

Artis Visio pots are a masterful combination of durable concrete and elegant design. Allowing openness to implement the boldest visions of landscape, perfectly accompanied by concrete.

Sometimes greenery dominates concrete, grows and destroys. Artis Visio designs and composes, creating a perfect harmony of these two ancient enemies.


We are also open to your own individual visions of the world of green and concrete

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