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Full body Porcelain Tiles

All you can dream of!

Arkesia, our tile collection, can make it all happen. Why? Because it has a broad selection of components which can be used to make the composition straight our of your dreams - for the living room, terrace, hall, wherever you want. Arkesia is also there to meet your colour expectations - full set of colors is available: from light beige and warm brown, through chocolate mocca, to subtle gris and pronounced graphite. Looks like a lot? That’s not all! There are also many different surface types available - elegant polish, delicate satin, and pronounced structural texture. Then there’s the decorative pieces, including the giant rosette. Mix, match, play with styles and create the interior of your dreams!

Sizes: 600x300, 600x600

Finishes: Polished, Matt R10, Structured R12

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