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gives interior an exclusive character

Glass Sinks & Bathtubs

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Glass washbasins offered by Krzemien/Glass Point comapny are manufactured to the individual order of the customer. We give you the option to adjust any model so that they are ideally suited to your most essential needs (size, shape, color, extra battery or soap dispenser). Our glass washbasins are made in Poland of the highest quality glass from European steelworks. We have patented firing technology that allows us to supervise the glass during its thermoforming. It provides detailed quality control at every stage of production. Consequently, we have unique effects and superior washbasin life and high temperature and cleanliness. In our offer you will variety of bowls and accessories (choice of sizes and dimensions). Glass washbasins are created for individual and wholesale clients (swimming pools, SPAs, clubs and restaurants, hotels). We invite you to get acquainted with the detailed offer of Krzemien glass washbasins.

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Bathtubs made of glass are a part of the bathroom equipment, which matches the most sophisticated tastes of our customers. While designing a modern bathroom, it is worth not only to take care of its functionality, but also its aesthetic and hygienic qualities. All the bathtubs are made of thick glass using our proven production technologies. This makes our glass baths extremely durable and resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. This is evidenced by detailed inspections at each stage of production and the obtained certificates. By choosing Krzemen glass baths you will be able to enjoy the perfect relaxation during your daily bath. They can also be a sophisticated element of hotel bathrooms or SPA salons. In the product catalogs you can find ready-made bathtubs. However, to meet the expectations of our customers we also make individual projects. We give you the opportunity to choose the color, size or shape of the bath and match the tiles, mosaics and other bathroom accessories.

Glass washbasins

The narrowest glass washbasins available in Krzemień's offer. Designed for narrow and small spaces with dimensions: depth 28.5 - 35cm, length 35 - 90cm. We also offer the option of modifying catalog dimensions and customizing the washbasin to a specific room. Narrow glass washbasins are dedicated to "slim" furniture. Their main advantage is that they do not take up a lot of space in the bathroom, while successfully playing their main practical role. Glass is not only functional and hygienic, but also aesthetic. Our company produces sinks only of the highest quality glass, coming from the European steelworks. Tested materials and patented manufacturing technology provide our products with superior durability and design. We invite you to get acquainted with the full offer of Krzemien glass washbasins and to contact our advisors.

Narrow washbasins

Smallest glass sinks from Krzemień company in size 50 - 80 cm. Our offer is a combination of designed and practical trends that are suitable for all types of bathrooms. Small glass washbasins fit perfectly into small bathrooms where saving space is a priority. All washbasins are available in our catalog, but we give you the option of customizing your products to suit your individual needs (size, shape, color, extra battery or soap dispensers). Glass is a very hygienic material, which thanks to the unique technology of creating washbasins, becomes very resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. Our smaller glass washbasins are eagerly chosen by individual customers who want them to fit their bathroom in an unconventional way. Investors are also welcome to use our offer.

Small washbasins

Bowls are the most classic form of glass washbasins known around the world. Each Krzemień glass bowl is a classically made washbasin, available in various shades of color. It can be set on a support or furniture - depending on the ability of the interior and individual preferences. Available diameters are 37 and 45cm. Glass bowls in the shape of a bowl are eagerly chosen by individual customers, who appreciate a unique design. They also work well as a sink and at the same time decorate bathrooms in hotels, restaurants or SPA salons. We give our customers the possibility to adjust the size of washbasins to their needs.

Washbasin bowls