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GRC Cladding

Architectural Concrete

11mm GRC architectural concrete tiles – for use in interiors and claddings.

Tiles of 11mm are produced with the use of technologies that exceed 2,5-3 times the standard material strength. Thanks to this, even the
materials of 11mm gauge are safe and easy to assemble. Due to considerable content of glass fibre, they are also a bit flexible, which nullifies possible mistakes and makes the assemblage more simple.

Those boards are produced with standard, as well as cusomized dimensions. Additionally, we also make customised elements with relief
e.g. of shuttering wood or any other ones per customer’s wish. We also make other aesthetic effects, e.g. cladding anchor relief.
We apply modern technologies to the materials we produce, at the same time keeping the traditional elements of producing the material.
As a result, we receive the effect of authenticity and reliability of the material. We do not strive for making our product ‘’sanitised’’, which
is the main idea of our collection and draws attention of many satisfied customers and architects.

Boards are produced of natural ingredients and during the process of forming that give the character of the material. That may cause colour variation, discolourations or trails. The pores are irregular, and the appearance of them is a natural process and material’s self feature. Surface impregnation possible on demand. Impregnation is required if the product is applied in wet spaces.

GRC, Concrete slabs elevator

Due to the advanced technology of our production (Glass Reinforced Concrete using glass fibres ZrO2) which is characterised by high, (confirmed by research) technological strength, resistant to harsh weather conditions and a polluted environment. This material is suited to high, ventilated façades, especially where it is necessary to apply anchors and assembly systems.

Concrete slabs as a exterior cladding
Concrete slabs as a exterior cladding

Because of possible use of various assemblage techniques (dependent on design indications), there is an option to make a material from 18mm to dimensions pointed out in design indications. Technologies make it possible to produce materials of 8, 10 and 18MPa of bending strength.
The selection of material depends on investor’s expectations. Produced material os of uniform weight. Thanks to that, the countersinking of the material for anchors, is much easier

Concrete slabs as a exterior cladding

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