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The unique texture of our tiles, irregular shape and lighting. That's enough to your interior has become unique.

Alone is enough to make your house took on the character. It's a small step you feel special.


Incana Decor Phenomena Bianco

Painted tile, resistant to water and dirt.

Impregnation not required


Incana Decor Qubo Industrial

QUBO - modernist design unprecedented in the cladding systems, a unique form and use is a hallmark of new Qubo. Refined individual elements of the plate and the diversity of the face cause that connection between the plates is unnoticed. Arrangement with the use of stone Qubo is the ideal solution for the modern living, bedrooms and bathrooms. Also new is the possibility of placing the plate in the vertical position, so that it can be used in a very bold projects.


Incana Decor Moderno Frost

MODERNO - an innovative line, regular shape and form is an ideal solution for modern interior design. Tile is made up of dozens of thin strips, which after appropriate illumination can effect a very nice shade. Moderno is a bold concept for bathrooms to salons, appearing in four modern colors to match any interior character.

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