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Chevron French Herringbone Pattern

Extremely precise and symmetrical design and a great layout that will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes – this is what charms the most in this one-of-a-kind floor that takes us on a journey to romantic Paris.

The wooden, French herringbone-patterned floor gained its popularity among French kings and nobility as early as in the 16th century. The flooring captivated with its precise, symmetrical pattern and added sophisticated elegance to interiors. Now, it has returned with a more modern and functional twist – a finished Chevron floor. Short sides of individual boards are cut at a 45-degree angle, thus forming a shape of an arrowhead. Cutting boards during the production process shortens fitting and guarantees high quality installation of the complicated pattern, which would be very difficult if each board were cut separately. A Chevron floor does not require sanding, filling or lacquering and it is ready to use right after installation.


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