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Engineered Timber Flooring

Our floors are produced in one of the most modern machine parks in the industry, using the best technology and raw materials, which bear the FSC® certificate. We have an extensive sales network, reliable and loyal partners as well as proven suppliers. Excellent forms,
the best design, functionality and quality confirmed by the certificates are appreciated not only by the customers in the country, but also in Germany, Italy, Switzerland or Scandinavia. Having in mind those who value the best design and great quality, we create floors that add exceptional character to interiors. Our inspiration is drawn from all around the world but at the same time we wish to stay faithful to our tradition. This is how the Jawor-Parquet line is created - the best quality two-layer and solid floors as well as a professional line of wooden floor care products.



The dynamic development of our company allowsus to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We areconstantly looking for the best quality raw materials in the country and abroad.Modern production lines, examinations and endurance tests combined with longtermexperience make our products unrivalled.

The success of two-layer floors lies in their construction. The top layer, also called noble, which is up to 6 mm thick, is made of oak, ash or exotic wood. The bottom layer is made of durable hardwood or plywood. Excellent selection of raw materials and appropriate, perpendicular arrangement of layers in relation to one another allows to minimize the work of wood. The result is a floor of particular durability and resistance to deformation. Owing to their layered construction, these products are recommended for use on underfloor heating.

Finished two-layered floors have one more unquestionable advantage - they are ready to use almost immediately after installation. This fact, in addition to allowing for substantial time savings, also has a great aesthetic significance - the preservation of surface, right at the stage of production, guarantees a uniform and an even protective layer.

After years of use, when we want to refresh a wooden surface or add a new glow, it can successfully undergo a grinding process. The thickness of the top layer of Jawor-Parquet flooring has been selected, so that it can be sanded even several times in the period of a few decades of use. This guarantees a safe restoration of its surface and allows to enjoy the unique beauty of the natural, raw material for many long years.