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High quality of manufactured products and implementation of innovative solutions makes the company a leader on the market of manual construction tools.

Kubala Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1987 by the company's present CEO, Roman Kubala. Dynamic growth, high quality of manufactured products and ongoing implementation of innovative solutions made the company one of leaders on both the domestic and international construction manual tools market.

We started our business activities producing only several tools. At present, we offer a range of products with over 600 types among major groups of construction manual tools. Kubala brand uses only the best raw materials, including acid-resistant stainless steel marked with "Rost Frei" symbol.

We make every effort to see our the most demanding clients satisfied with our tools. Thanks to continuous investments in the modern machinery park and product quality control system we have reached production effectiveness, ensuring the best quality products.

Basing on years of experience, professionalism and innovativeness, we offer you products meeting the highest standards and expectations of clients.

Kubala Products Importer:

Live House Ltd.
419 Tuam Street
8011 Christchurch
New Zealand

Kubala Christchurch Distributor:
Artizan Diamond
Tools and Equipment

223 Brougham Street
Sydenham, Christchurch
New Zealand

Kubala Auckland Distributor:
Artizan Diamond
Tools and Equipment

726 Great South Road

Penrose, Auckland

New Zealand

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