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Inspired by Stone

Live House - August 2017

Large Format Porcelain Tiles

The newest trends and timeless of the large format MONOLITH tiles invites you to the world inspired by the power of stone.

Inspired by Nature

Live House - July 2017

20+ Best Ideas about Porcelain Wood Look Tiles

Wood look tiles will delight those who love interiors with a soul and who seek harmony between the warm and cosy atmosphere and the latest trends. 

GRC Concrete at its best!

Live House - June 2017

Our concept for architectural concrete, often referred to as decorative concrete, is based on it's use to create a collection of wall coverings such as concrete slabs for an interior, facade panels, tile collections of an unprecedented ornamental 3D form , which guarantees surprising visual effects, as well as elegant, garden pots, solid and functional furniture and small architecture adorning the streets and city parks.

Snow White of Scandinavia

Live House - May 2017

What's tBorn out of rough Nordic winters that demand simplicity, efficiency and a sense of cheerful elegance, Scandinavian design and colour palette generally consists of white, off whites, soft dove grey and soothing tones of nature.his item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

The Size That Fits

Live House - April 2017

Stoneware Tiles Format 800 x 800 mm

Wood - Natural Feel and Look

Large Format Tiles 2400 x 1200

Live House - March 2017

The concept of the large format MONOLITH slabs goes beyond the traditional thinking about design. The monolithic, consistent coherence is breath-taking. It connects perfectly with the non-standard requirements of the public space. It creates lots of room for inspired and free arrangements.

Decorative Feature Walls

Live House - July 2016

The unique texture of our tiles, irregular shape and lighting. That's enough to your interior has become unique. That's enough to your house took on the character. It's a small step to feel special.

Travertine Tiles - incredible look, durability and easy maintain

Live House - June 2016

The durability and decorative value of travertine stone have been appreciated since ancient times. It was often used to create statues and wonderful buildings. The Travertino collection perfectly combines aesthetic values and excellent physical parameters, as it was created for special clients. It successfully imitates the structure of travertine stone adding a classical touch to your interior. 

Schabby Chic & Cement Worn - Elegance in the old style

Live House - May 2016

The perfect combination of wood tiles in the Shabby Chic style with a Cement Worn collection occurring in three versions. Cement Worn 1 has a delicate, safe concrete look. Cement Worn 2 for those ones who like characteristic cracks. Or if you like strong acid washed, aged concrete you should choose Cement Worn 3. 

First time in New Zealand

Live House - March 2016

Check out our website as we have a stunning, totally NEW in New Zealand selection of tiles, architectural concrete, 3D interior and exterior wall decoration and amazing stuff made form glass!
Use our products for your next project and enjoy quality and original design.

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