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MONOLITH - Large Format Tiles in Public Spaces

February 19, 2018

The first large-format stoneware ceramic tiles manufactured in Poland – the MONOLITH Collection from the Tubądzin Group – are an ideal solution not only for interiors in private properties, but also in public spaces. With dimensions reaching as much as 2400x1200mm, they both facilitate design and, thanks to the minimal amount of grout between tiles, avoid an undesirable "crosshatch" effect on the floor. Due to their high resistance to high impact-resistance and tolerance of a wide temperature gradient, stoneware ceramic tiles may be used successfully in high-traffic passages and exterior facades.


Inspirations form Nature


MONOLITH tiles are an exceptional synthesis of the latest trends in interior design and timeless classic aesthetics. The inspiration for our designers was the power of natural stone and the raw feel of concrete. All of the collections which make up the brand – Fair, Onis and Epoxy – have been maintained in a neutral colour scheme. With Fair and Onis these are beige tones, while Epoxy is dominated by greys. Two finishes are available, matte and polished. The timeless design of MONOLITH stoneware ceramic tiles means that they will remain in good style for many years to come.

A bank tiled with Epoxy Grey Matt 1200x1200mm



Quality for years


MONOLITH tiles are an exceptionally hard-wearing product, while still being thinner (from 6 to 10 mm thickness) and lighter than stone. Although colour schemes feature perfect repeatability, no two tiles feature absolutely identical patterns, thus avoiding a "cookie cutter" effect. Large-format Tubadzin ceramics are stain- and water-resistant, making them an ideal choice for public spaces. The small amount of grout in joints makes them easy to maintain in cleanliness.


Public bathroom with Epoxy Grey Matt 1200x1200mm and 2400x1200mm 



Efficient installation


One distinguishing feature and certainly a significant advantage of MONOLITH stoneware ceramic tiles is the fact that they can be installed directly on old floor coverings. This makes work considerably more efficient and faster. And thanks to this fact, we can rapidly transform a large interior space, something which would be impossible in the case of standard format tiles. It's also worth noting that trained team of tile layers can handle the job of working with large-format Tubadzin tiles without difficulty.


Office tiled with Onis Matt 1200 x1200mm and 12400x1200mm




Extraordinary solutions


MONOLITH tiles can be installed not only in interior spaces, but also as a facing for ventilated exterior facades. By using stoneware ceramic tiles, it is possible to create a table or kitchen benchtop, or even to cover furniture. All of this means that MONOLITH tiles provide architects, designersand investors with unlimited possibilities for arrangements, allowing for the creation of minimalistic, elegant interiors.


SPA salon accented with Fair Matte tiles 1200x1200mm


More information about the MONOLITH brand can be found at:


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