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All in White - Dominant trend in design

November 2, 2015

White is a dominant trend in design. The Tubadzin Group goes for the simple, almost ascetic interior presenting it in a slightly rough but stylish form. Such combination constitutes the core for the new “All in white” collection.
Purity and lightness contrasted with an interesting tile structure opens entirely new possibilities with respect to interior designs. It’s all in white this season.
All in white is a new, universal collection of the Tubadzin ceramic tiles. It’ll look perfect both in the bathroom, as in the kitchen, but also on the bedroom, living room or corridor walls.




​The bathroom composed of the All in white ceramics surprises with modernity thanks to the original tile structure. The collection includes tiles imitating bricks which are both decorative as stylishly minimalistic. The Tubadzin „brick-like” tiles are among the few market available models that perfectly suit interiors exposed to humidity. In contrast to the popular gypsum tiles, they do not absorb water and may be used in the delicate parts of the bathroom or kitchen, for e.g. under the shower or next to the sink.




The Tubadzin Group additionally supplements minimalistic interiors with  a shade of a delicate, black and white picture of a charming park. All in white is one of Tubadzin’s new proposals. Modernity, white and nature. These key terms are crucial when defining this collection.



More info about collection can be found at:


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