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Hexagonal Tiles in Interior Design

April 16, 2017

Hexagonal tiles gained popularity and fast became a "must have" for home interiors. They are a great alternative for traditional shapes and with detailed design can form a patchwork effect. Here are some ideas for the use of hexagonal tiles in interior home design.

Various patterns of hexagonal tiles from Tubadzin will bring elegance to any interior. The main feature of these tiles is their striking geometrical form which will amaze anyone passing by.


All In White range includes a few choices for those interested in using of hexagonal tiles in interior design. One option is wall mosaic offered in two colours: white and dark grey. Hexagonal design can also be seen in tiles All In White 1 STR – here geometrical shapes create the illusion of being pressed into the surface.



Elementary range of hexagonal tiles have a surface design based on lacework and embroidery. It is a great component for minimalist white interior – only a few pieces are needed to add special character. Thanks to spatial design the mosaic forms a special monochromatic patchwork. In the bathroom, for example, we can use it to frame a mirror or place it behind a vanity. It is worth considering breaking it down with dark pieces (e.g. in graphite) or with more vivid colours like celadon, turquoise or magenta.

















Wall tiles Elementary Hex STR present a slightly different take on hexagonal design. Within the traditional rectangle we can see hexagons which mimic a honeycomb structure. Semi-gloss tiles from Elementary Hex STR range come in four colour options: white, graphite and two shades of grey. They make a great impact when used on the whole wall or as a horizontal "cutting” strip.



Hexagonal tiles look spectacular even in the smallest places, they make both large and small apartments look great.











More design options for use of hexagonal tiles can be found at


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