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Systems for leveling tiles - Perfect Level

July 24, 2016

Two systems for levelling tiles. For professionals and DIY.


Perfect Level Classic and Perfect Level Professional, are perfect tools accelerating work and significantly increasing the quality of the work performed. Both systems are an excellent solution for walls and floors.


What is Perfect Level?


System Perfect Level is an innovative that speeds up tile laying, made of proper materials to save a maximum amount of time at the construction site. Recommended for professional tile layers and also people, who wish to lay tiles at home. With the Pefect Level system, tiling becomes much easier and the results 100% better.




- extremely thin clip base

- suitable for 3-16 mm thick tiles

- in the case of 1, 2, 3 mm grouting, different clip colours

- very durable wedge

- can be used with an appropriate crimper or without additional tools









- clips for 1.5 mm or wider grouting joints with the additional use of tile spacers

- suitable for 8-12 mm thick tiles

- the system requires no additional tools

- exceptionally simple use










Our system ensures:


Faster work

Significantly reduces the time necessary to perform the job and the end result is perfect


Easy installation

With no need for additional tools it is effortless - easy to install at any skill level. It can be used for walls and floors.


Savings in time

The Perfect Level system reduces the time and improves productivity tiling, also preventing their movement during installation.




How to use the Perfect Level system?


The use of the Perfect Level PRO and Perfect Level Classic systems is identical.





After spreading the adhesive, lay the first tile. Then, slide the the clips underneath, so that on each side there are two clips at a distance of approx. 4-8 cm from the corner of the tile.

























Place another tile, pushing it towards the clips. Insert the wedge into the opening in the clip (pressing) to align two tiles.

Wait until the adhesive dries. To remove the clip, simply use a rubber mallet or just kick it.























Wait until the adhesive dries. To remove the clip, simply use a rubber mallet or just kick it.























More info can be found at:


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