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The Sopro range encompasses products for the laying and grouting of ceramic tile and natural stone coverings, for the associated substrate preparation and waterproofing, along with a host of special materials for various construction applications.

Success knows no boundaries
Sopro views its clear-cut strategy – always to be one step ahead of the competition – as the key to securing its long-term attractiveness for merchants and applicators. This recipe has also laid the foundation for our international success. Our pan-European presence allows us to share in the growth of major European markets while expanding our market position.

Sopro – a european brand
Only a short time after Sopro's formation in 1985, the ground was prepared for the brand's Europe-wide presence with the development of a network of marketing partners and the formation or acquisition of foreign businesses, with their own production facilities, selling chiefly to the local markets.

Today, the Sopro Group is a major player in the European building chemicals market, boasting companies in Austria, Poland,Hungary, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Products and product systems are exclusively marketed via the specialist wholesale distributors/merchants that supply the target trades. A well-versed, highly skilled team of external representatives attend to the needs of the company's clientele in the individual marketing regions. In addition, an efficient technical counselling service provides active assistance for the on-site application of products along with a comprehensive programme of basic and advanced training. Internationally, as well as nationally, the company's commitment to the builders' merchants sector as the exclusive marketing channel has proved a key success factor for the Sopro brand.

The company's pan-European operations permit the flexible accommodation of regionally fluctuating requirements. Its market position is systematically expanded by means of strategies dovetailed to the different countries – with all measures implemented in close consultation with the company's strategic partners on the basis of long-term collaborations.

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