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Ash Lemon Sorbet

chilly shade of lemon

Tastes of Life

Engendered Timber Flooring 

For passionate people who appreciate style and beauty, and want to grab life with both hands! The 5th edition of Tastes of Life was prepared in collaboration with the finalists of the ‘Creations from Nature’ contest organized by the Barlinek Institute of Design.
Four designers with four tasteful, though completely different, approaches to design.
Each designer devised their own unique style for an excellent interior. An important factor and the secret to these extraordinary styles is the natural beauty and quality of genuine wood.


Oak Biscuit

OAK BISCUIT GRANDE - One-strip floor featuring strong oak wood, finely subdued with white colouring. Subtle natural features are additionally highlighted by the brushing process. Naturally oiled boards with edges accentuated by 4-sided bevelling.


Oak Grissini

OAK GRISSINI GRANDE - Twice the exquisiteness as a result of the unique double staining. The natural beige wood grain is contrasted by white brushing and strengthened by white matt lacquer. The 4-sided micro-bevelling adds finesse and subtlety. This naturally charming floor is available in 1- and 3-strip versions.


Oak Tartufo

OAK TARTUFO GRANDE - A classic, strong, high-quality and uniquely tasteful oak floor with double olive-green staining. The white brushed surface is intriguingly set against the strong wood grain and of its unique features. It is coated with subtle matt lacquer. The 4-sided micro-bevelling adds a classic touch.


Oak Brownie

OAK BROWNIE GRANDE - A classic oak floor with inimitable double staining in which dark brown is juxtaposed with grey and white which have been brought out by brushing. The 4-sided micro-bevelling optically elongates the boards which are finished in matt lacquer adding a subdued look.


Oak Panforte

OAK PANFORTE GRANDE - A unique, exceptional and double-stained floor in warm brown shades. This tasteful design was achieved using state of the art four-sided micro-bevelling which blends in with the natural diversity of the natural wood features. Available in 1- and 3-strip versions.


Oak Pudding

OAK PUDDING GRANDE - Refined, cream-coloured double-stained floor with a white brushed surface. Delicate micro-bevelling adds elegance and slenderness. The matt lacquer finish gives it a modern twist. Transparent and natural wood features. Available in 1- and 3-strip versions.


Ash Hazelnut

ASH HAZELNUT GRANDE - An original, naturally rich and light-brown ash wood floor with a distinctive wood grain. The beauty of wood has been accentuated by the brushing process and natural oiling. The edges of the boards are optically elongated by 4-sided bevelling.


Oak Cardamomo

OAK CARDAMOMO GRANDE - Modern double staining and subtle matt lacquer blend into a distinctive duet in this oak floor. A modernist variety of austere grey shades is contrasted with white brushing that adds a softening accent. The 4-sided micro-bevelling makes the boards look slimmer. Available in 1- and 3-strip versions.


Oak Toffee

OAK TOFFEE GRANDE - One-strip oak floor immersed in shades of gold and warm brown. The slenderness of the boards coated with natural oil was achieved by 4-sided bevelling. The uniqueness and abundance of the wood was emphasized in the brushing process.


Oak Affogato

OAK AFFOGATO GRANDE - Floor suffused with the intense colour of dark chocolate that highlights its unique features. The matt lacquer softens the natural wood structure exposed in the brushing process. The edges of the boards have been accentuated by 4-sided bevelling to make them more slender.


Oak Balsamico

OAK BALSAMICO GRANDE - One-strip oak floor in warm, chestnut colour. The natural discolourations and unparalleled richness of the knots gives it a rustic charm. The floorboards are provided with a subtle finish using a structural matt lacquer.


Oak Marzipan Muffin

OAK MARZIPAN MUFFIN GRANDE - An oak floor, innovatively coloured in urban ash shades with highly visible, bevelled edges. The natural beauty of the wood has been brought out by brushing and the floor has been finished in matt lacquer to subdue this effect. Subtly decorated by natural wood features.


Oak Cheesecake

OAK CHEESECAKE GRANDE - A traditional oak floor with subtle lightness resulting from the cream colour and matt lacquer. Its final look has been achieved by white brushing that exposed the natural richness of the wood. Available in 1- and 3-strip versions.


Oak Banana Song

OAK BANANA SONG GRANDE - An elegant, cream-stained floor with an exceptionally rich and distinct oak wood structure achieved by brushing. The edges of the boards are highlighted by 4-sided bevelling and the floor is finished in matt lacquer. It is distinctive with varied colour shades providing an intriguing ambiance.


Oak Cappuccino

OAK CAPPUCCINO GRANDE - The white coloured staining matches the strength and durability of this one-strip oak floor. The floorboards have been brushed to highlight the natural wood structure. The 4-sided bevelling emphasizes its subtle grace and beauty. The floor is finished in a subtle matt lacquer.


Ash Lemon Sorbet

ASH LEMON SORBET GRANDE - One-strip floor with a chilly shade of lemon sorbet. A modern and courageous form coated with white, matt lacquer. The edges are brought out by subtle micro-bevelling which optically elongates the shape of the boards. The natural wood structure was exposed in the brushing process, and the moderate range of natural wood features adds a decorative touch to the floor.

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Barlinek floorboards are produced exclusively from genuine wood. Because of the natural variation in the raw material, the individual floorboards and their surface may differ in shade, the occurrence of knots and grain pattern. For the same reason, the final product may not be identical to that presented in marketing materials, or samples displayed in store or images published on the website.