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TOKYO by Maciej Zien

Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

Tokyo is a city which constantly undergoes dynamic changes, and paradoxically maintains its ordered structure. Just as if modernity was written into its tradition since the very beginning.


Tokyo Kori Mitaka


Mitaka Black
Mitaka White

Tokyo Kori Soga


Soga White
Soga Black

Tokyo Kori Toda


Toda White
Toda Black

Tokyo Kori


Kori White Matt
Kori Black Matt

Tokyo Meguro

598x598, 598x298mm

Meguro Grey 1A
Meguro Beige 2A
Meguro Grey 1B
Meguro Beige 2B

Tokyo Mita

448x448, 598x298, 598x148, 298x298mm

Mita White Gloss
Mita Black Gloss
Sant Marti 6A
Sant Marti 1A
Mosaic Black A Gloss
Mosaic Black B Matt
Mosaic White A Gloss
Mosaic Black Gloss
Mosaic White Gloss
Tokyo Black A Gloss
Tokyo White A Gloss

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