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subtlety dipped in nature

Wall Tiles - 750x250mm

Check the collections of high quality ceramic wall tiles in dimension of 750x250mm. 

Ceramic matt tiles for a modern kitchen or bathroom designed having in mind minimalistic arrangements based on light, natural colour palette and a subtle structure play.

Size: 750x250

Finishes: Matt, Gloss



Light tone and delicate structure of Elia tiles bring to mind the freshness of spring morning. The collection will be well perceived by people who are aware of current trends and whilst the same time who appreciate the harmony, simplicity and comfort of home comforts.


Matt wall tiles in the 750x250mm format are available in a neutral Bianco version as well as in the subdued, warm shades of Crema and Brown, that imitate the natural picture of the wood.
Perfect complement to them is a mosaic (298x298mm) and two variants of decors 750x250mm, which are adorned by the subtle structures inspired with the world of nature.


Looping, slightly scratched grooves implement harmony, while at the same time pulsing weaves create a spatial illusion that produces the idea of three dimensions. Thanks to this subtle form, the collection fits perfect to modern and eco aesthetics, as well as to the Scandinavian one, emphasizing the cozy character of the rooms.



Ceramic tiles collection for a modern kitchen or bathroom designed having in mind minimalistic arrangements based on light, natural color palette and a subtle structure play.


The set includes floor tiles, universal glass listels, and white and powder beige wall tiles with a matte surface measuring 750x250mm.


A special element of the collection are decorative structural tiles that form an effect of delicate undulations or waves on the wall, and give an exceptional plastic form to the space when lit adequately.



The subtle structures adorning Pandora's tile collection are inspired by the movement in space - the gentle grace and lightness of the dancer as well as the precision of the horse rider's jump.


Matt wall tiles in 750x250mm format are characterized by neutral shades of Bianco and Grafit. Decors are styled with two patterns: a delicate touch of wood rings texture and an ephemeral structure that slightly reminds of the bonding of ballet shoes.


The whole collection is complemented by trendy, pressed mosaic (298x298mm) Pandora Wood Graphite, joining together wooden elements in the form of tiny cubes.


Due to the subtlety of the design, within the proper choice of accessories, Pandora's collection perfectly fits into the character of the interiors - both modern, classic and vintage, invariably emphasizing the lightness and dynamics of the design.



Daikiri collection features a well thought out combination of the two most current trends – inspirations of textures drawn from the world of nature and geometric forms.


The matt wood paneling in 750x250mm format, that are actually imitating wood rings texture are available in warm, natural shades of beige and cream as well as in cool grey. Decors are adorn by trendy horizontal stripes or cubes, which in proper lighting make an interesting spatial effect.


Ideally reproduced wood graphics in three natural colors, enclosed in a trendy, geometric form is in harmony with the simplicity of furnishings and original accessories, emphasizing the refined character of the interior itself.


This particular collection will be appreciated both by the supporters of minimalism and the lovers of slow life, who seek for peace in the rhythm of nature.

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