Solid Oak

Natural beauty of wood with modern technology

Floorboards are ideal for people who appreciate timeless solutions. Our wide range of boards allows them to be fitted perfectly to a large variety of rooms and areas.

Our boards are of 100% solid wood which ensures durability and timelessness to your floor.

Thanks to our innovative design, our solid timber flooring is more flexible, which allows them to be installed accurately and guarantees the stability of the floor during use. 


We have oiled, varnished and unfinished solid timber flooring on our offer. In all cases the surface of the boards can be perfectly smooth or brushed and the edges can have bevels on long sides or on all 4 sides.

Solid Oak Natural
Colour: Transparent
Solid Oak Rustic
Colour: Transparent White
Solid Oak Country
Colour: Mahogany
Solid Oak Natural
Colour: Extra White
Solid Oak Natural
Colour: Extra Black
Solid Oak Country
Colour: Silver Grey
Solid Oak Country
Colour: White
Solid Oak Natural
Colour: Ebony
Solid Oak Natural
Colour: Cognac
Solid Oak Country
Colour: Palisander
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Board grading defines the texture of the wood visible on the surface. The richness of nature offers both soft and uniform structures as well as diversely grained floors with smaller or larger knots. Grading can be freely mixed.


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