Best features of the past decades

1100-1200 x 70 x 15

Architecture does not tolerate routine and literality. It values individualism, creativity and play with detail. Such is the Vintage Series. 

Vintage Series is a two-layer oak floor with a custom design, which, just like a tasteful blend of styles, creates a unique composition. The individual elements are decorated with three different types of finishes – from brushing through the original planning of the surface to the delicate saw marks. There will also be no shortage of natural features of oak flooring, such as slight cracks and natural voids in the raw material. The whole design is protected with three layers of oilwax and finished with 4-side bevelling.

Oak 1940's Black on Fire
Oak 1950’s Noir
Oak 1960’s Touch of Grey
Oak 1970’s Dusty Brown
Oak 1980’s Mocca Cherry
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