Ultime Thin Porcelain

3200 x 1600

Designs to change

your interiors

For more than twenty years, we have been creating unique products that meet the highest standards in terms of quality and design.


We think outside the box and our designs break new grounds and offer fresh possibilities of arranging interiors. We are both proud and happy to present a unique collection of slab tiles, ULTIME. 


The Concrete, Marquina and Statuario collections embody the unique beauty of raw concrete and classy marble, captured in tiles 3200x1600mm that are still only 6 mm thick.

Now is the time for large-scale design!

Dazzling interiors


Statuario is our answer to the latest trends in spatial design. These perfectly smooth, off-white tiles, decorated with a dynamic and unique pattern, are perfect as elegant floor covering and wall decoration. In the refined interior of a big city apartment, they go perfectly with uniquely shaped golden furniture and other decor items. Such a combination results in a timeless, luxurious interior that only becomes classier with time.

A modern take on classics


Marble has long been used in truly classic interiors and recently it has been winning the hearts of those who love modern, even avant-garde, designs. The extraordinary, slightly cool structure of the material, combined with its deep black colour, matches the warm, natural tones of wood. The perfectly smooth, glossy surface of Marquina tiles makes the collection a perfect choice for kitchen spaces, lending dynamic character and refined aesthetics to walls and floors.

A new level in elegance


Concrete is a collection that embodies simplicity and elegance. It combines the beauty of raw concrete with impressive dimensions, allowing the creation of minimalist designs that serve as a perfect backdrop for designer furniture and simple, useful accessories. Three colour versions, available in both matte and glossy finishes, give designers unlimited possibilities to arrange living rooms and bathrooms. The Concrete slabs will perfectly complement living room fireplace designs and enable to create sublime bathroom interiors.


The ULTIME slabs are a good solution outdoors and indoors alike,
on walls and on floors, on facades and as covering of kitchen table tops or furniture.

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