French herringbone pattern

850x140x14  /  600x140x14  /  450x140x14  /  415x70x14

The wooden, French herringbone patterned floor, gained its popularity among French kings and nobility in 16th century. The flooring captivated with its precise, symmetrical pattern and added sophisticated elegance to interiors. Now it has returned with a more modern twist – a finished Chevron floor.

The unique charm of the Loire region is affirmed by anyone who visited the Louvre Palace or the residence of French Kings. The buildings are renowned for their richness and finely fitted wooden floors. They inspired us to develop a Chevron line – an elegant and functional floor to be fitted in a French herringbone pattern.

A Chevron floor reminds of bygone eras. The floor is a perfect match for decorative interiors of suburban residences or renovated manors. The pattern is increasingly often applied by architects as a finish of the suburban Scandinavian-style or avant-garde interiors. Planks are best for large rooms, whereas parquet will optically enlarge smaller interiors.