New Dimension of Floor Design

Luxury 2000-2500 x 260 x 15   /   Luxury Maxi 2000-2500 x 290 x 15

Luxury – is the „queen” of our boards. It was designed for those who value luxury and unique aesthetics. Exceptionally long and best-quality oak boards constitute the quintessence of elegance. It is noble and unique, still very functional. Owing to its multi-layered structure, the board has outstanding resistance and can be fitted on underfloor heating. It can also undergo the process of brushing or four-sided bevelling, thus additionally exposing elements, which are over two meters in length.

Oak Classic
Oak Classic Maxi
Oak Colour Alabastro
Oak Colour Avoiro
Oak Colour Bianco Maxi
Oak Colour Luna Maxi
Oak Colour Oro
Oak Colour Rosolare
Oak Colour Vulcano
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