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modern and unique, matte glass mosaic

Glass Mosaic

Among the wide range of glass products, Krzemien/Glass Point company offers unique glass mosaics. Glass is an ecological and durable material, and due to its hygienic value is increasingly used in bathrooms. For the production of mosaic we always use glass from European steel mills. Our technology and product development standards provide superior durability and original design.

Our mosaics are characterized by a wealth of colors – we provide 160 basic colors and nearly 5000 color combinations with effects. We also enable our customers to choose between monochrome, shading, color picking, and their percentage share throughout the project. In addition, we give our customers the opportunity to choose a mosaic based on an image (25x25mm or 11x11mm cubes or mosaics consisting of individually cut cubes). All of our bathroom glass elements have hygienic certificates and anti-slip certificates. Glass bathroom mosaics are chosen by private clients who value the original style in their home and investment clients looking for unique design in restaurants, hotels and SPA salons.

Matt Series

Modern and unique, matte glass mosaic. This is a new addition to the Glass Point bid. Perfectly fits to concrete and wood. It gives the interior an exclusive character and allows for an effect of modernity. Matt mosaics are perfect for finishing private bathrooms, swimming pools or SPA saloons.  They are also an interesting proposition public utilities’ interiors, hotels and restaurants. In each order, we give the customers the option of ordering a monochrome, shading, color picking and their percentage in the design. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer and to contact our advisors to compile your individual form.

The Cobble

The Cobble Series is a modern English-style tile inspired by the London Underground. Often used in bathrooms and kitchens. This solution is eagerly chosen by investment clients seeking equipment for hotels, restaurants, SPA bathrooms or public spaces, as well as individual clients who value original design solutions in their homes. Cobble glass mosaics are perfect for modern, Scandinavian, elegant and classic interiors. 

Storm & Frost & Blink

Storm & Frost & Blink mosaics are a hit of 2016. They are glass mosaics with unique lines and shapes that have a modern look and form. 
They are the most commonly chosen mosaics by our customers - not only because of its durability and versatility, but also a slightly insane and intriguing appearance. Storm & Frost & Blink are modern mosaics created by using cutting edge technology and glass bending. In Frost mosaics we obtain the effect of "flowers" painted by the winter frost on frozen glass. The additional metal shine of the glass makes the wall extremely bright with the right lighting.

Storm glass mosaics refer to a stormy sea. In addition, appropriate lighting enhances the effect of curved fronts in furniture as well as bent mosaics. Together, they create a series of shadows connected to the shining of the metallised surface of the mosaic.

The third element of this collection is Blink mosaics. They are a mixture of four advanced manufacturing technologies with different design glass cubes. 


In the Shadows mosaic, it is possible to achieve shading, color transition from dark to light in one tone. Mosaics in segments ideally suits swimming pools, SPAs and other public utilities. The effect of color changes can be observed in the examples presented. We also give you the opportunity to compose your chosen transition effect by choosing colors from our 170 shades. We make Shadows mosaics on the basis of Dots 25x25mm base cube with 5mm thickness in 7 color schemes. And based on Blink 30x30mm glass mosaic with 5mm thickness in 4 systems color. Thanks to the proper preparation of glass and the skillful construction of the mosaic, we get the impression of hidden depths in the chosen interior.  We provide high quality workmanship and high resistance to all atmospheric conditions, liquids and steam. Glass Point company gives our clients the opportunity to propose their own designs in any mosaic system that we would like to fulfill on an individual order. 


Our basic mosaics includes three basic types such as Dots, Tiny and Mass. Each mosaic can have a modern or classic design depending on the pattern and finish. They are made of hygienic, universal and classical material. We give our clients the opportunity to choose their own design, that gives us the base to prepare the visualization. The paints developed with the help of specialists from the glass industry, our mosaics present a unique and rich color range (nearly 200 shades). For mosaic production we use glass from European steel mills. What is more, technology and product development standards provide superior durability and original design. All Glass Point glass mosaics have hygienic certificates and anti-slip certificates. They are eagerly used by individual customers, as well as owners of restaurants, hotels, swimming pools or SPA salons.


Basic Tiny is a petite glass mosaic of various finishes. They are used to accurately reproduce images, pictures or graphics that customers want to put in their mosaic. It is exclusive, modern and very versatile. It is an original bathroom ornament, as well as individual decoration of the living room or kitchen. This collection is also used in public buildings, SPAs, hotel facilities and other. Thanks to the Tiny mosaics, we are able to accomplish even the most ambitious ideas of our customers.


Basic Dots mosaics are classic glass mosaics of smaller size. What is characteristic for this collection is a rich palette of colors. It is possible to glue the mosaic in freely designed slices or according to our ready-made designs. Dots Basic Glass mosaic is most often used as decoration for SPA bathrooms and swimming pools. All our glass mosaics are lacquered with high-temperature organic enamel coatings, which are resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents. Dots Mosaics is a solution for people who appreciate minimalism and original design.


Mass is a classic glass mosaic of larger format. It is characterized by a rich palette of colors and the possibility of pasting in any designed images or according to our ready-made designs. It is widely used as decoration for private bathrooms, as well as for public spaces, SPA and swimming pools. Glass Point glass mosaics perfectly match glass tiles, as well as facings of other types (stone, gres, ceramic tiles). We offer you a wide selection of glass mosaic and to fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers.


Glass Point Company responds to the expectations of its customers, offering flexible solutions that allow the use of various interior decorating options. We give you the opportunity to mix mosaic making techniques. Thanks to that, we still get new and unique designs, and while pursuing these even the most unusual ideas of our Clients, we are constantly gaining new inspirations and experiences. Mosaic Mix uses classic glass mosaics, a large palette of colors and the ability to glue in any sliced design or according to our ready-made designs. It is most often used as bathroom decor or for SPA and swimming pools. Our ready-made designs are available, but we are open to any ideas suggested by our customers. Feel free to contact us and mix your own unique glass mosaic.

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