Monolith Large Format Tiles

2400 x 1200

Diverse Designs!

7 Sizes, 4 Finishes, 2 Thickness

The concept of the large format MONOLITH slabs goes beyond the traditional thinking about design.

The monolithic, consistent coherence is breath-taking.
It connects perfectly with the non-standard requirements of the public space. It creates lots of room for inspired and free arrangements.

The large format stands not only for the aesthetic but also practical aspects.

A timeless look and minimal amount of grout lines make the Monolith "Must Have" in your next project. 

Monolith Collections

Amber Vein
Black Pulpis
Cielo e Terra
Duke Stone
Grand Cave
Grey Pulpis
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The MONOLITH slabs are extremely resistant to water, stains, high temperature, frost and abrasion.
They owe their versatile functionality also to the exceptional aesthetic properties and the ability to transform any difficult location.

The large format indicates a small amount of grout i.e. an impression of a nearly solid surface.

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Modular System

The MONOLITH slabs can be freely arranged by taking into account the thickness

and the other dimensions in the course of configuration.


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