French herringbone pattern

850x140x14  /  600x140x14  /  450x140x14  /  415x70x14

Colours of this oak board bring to mind the heavenly ambience of sandy Italian beaches. Exceptional colour combined with the original lying pattern will make this bleached floor appealing to the tastes of customers who value modern design. It will be perfect for Scandinavian design and spacious rooms.

Classic: Acceptable sapwood, acceptable knots
Elegance: Sapwood not allowed, healthy small round knots

On the Photo: A finished two-layer board with the following dimensions: 850x140x14 mm and finishes: oil-waxed, brushed, bevelled on four sides

Oak Colour Bianco

Minimal Black and White Kitchen with Whitewash Oak Floor in Chevron Pattern

Harmony and elegance

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