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Rustic Ceramic Tiles

Timbre is a new, universal collection of ceramic tiles. It’ll look perfect both in the bathroom, as in the kitchen, but also on the bedroom, living room or corridor walls.


If you love bright interiors. Distinguishing marks: bright colors, daylight, subtle patterns, play on textures, translucence, lightness, breath, finesse, taste and delicateness.

Sizes: 598x298, 448x448

Finishes: Matt, Structured

wall tile
wall tile
wall tile
wall strip
wall tile
Grey Floor Tile
Porcelain Tile
tiles imitating bricks

Timbre ceramics surprises with modernity thanks to the original tile structure. The collection includes tiles imitating wood which are both decorative and stylishly rustical. The „wood-like” tiles perfectly suit interiors exposed to humidity where you can't use natural wood. They do not absorb water and may be used in the delicate parts of the bathroom or kitchen, for e.g. under the shower or next to the sink.

Rustic Maple White 898x223 /11 mm

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