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kaleidoscope of impressions

Wall Tiles - 600x300mm

High quality of ceramic wall tiles. Trendy simplistic style with intensive geometric decorations.

This combination looks wonderful in modern bathrooms and kitchens.

Size: 600x300

Finishes: Matt, Gloss



A collection of wall tiles destined for arrangements of interesting modern interiors. The basis is formed by fashionable tiles with the off-white, cement grey, and worn-off brown surfaces.


Those same hues form an incredibly dynamic, kaleidoscope-like décor pattern and patchwork geometrical mosaic. The tiles may be an original accent in a toned down minimalistic interior or, if laid on a larger surface, give a unique effect of a ceramic wallpaper inspired by the 1960’s and 70’s, which looks wonderful in a living room, hallway, kitchen, or bathroom.


Adequate lighting gives such arrangements certain charm as it brings out the tiles’ delicate structure obtained thanks to reactive print.



The collection of matt wall tiles combining trendy simplistic style of cements with intensive geometric decorations. This combination looks wonderful in modern bathrooms and kitchens.


Three different insert patterns give a lot of freedom when designing the interiors and creating own compositions. They may be arranged in vertical stripes resembling wallpapers, or wide horizontal patchwork.


The character of this collection will be perfectly emphasized by wood and modern black or graphite accessories.



Exceptionally subtle collection of bright shiny tiles for a modern bathroom or kitchen kept in a minimalistic style.


Next to smooth basic elements in white and grey, you can find tonal decorative tiles: delicate checkered pattern and an origami-inspired geometric motif that wonderfully corresponds to it.


Tonnes collection is inspired by the paper-folding art of the Far East and it introduces elegant harmony and serene atmosphere into an interior. The arrangements are ordered, harmonious, and fresh. It features characteristic Japanese restraint, which is why glass, white ceramic, and ascetic forms are ideal as accessories.


In a bolder variant, they can be combined with decorations that have a strong distinctive color (turquoise, purple, teal, fuchsia, etc.).



Casual elegance, simplicity and minimalism are the main features of this collection.


This set is a mandatory inclusion in all interiors which emphasize convenience, economical form but also contrasting elements. Two juxtaposed colors, satin yet structural tile surface are details which form the basis for a harmoniously developed arrangement.


There are also delicate, matching decorations, glass strips and mosaics to complement the form of the interior.

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