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Tel Aviv

the Near East newly discovered

Wall Tiles - 900x300mm

Collections fits into the fashionable trend of inspiration from textures from the world of nature and geometric forms.

Tiles are characterised by natural shades of greyness and timeless white, which make an ideal, neutral background for structural decorations. 

Size: 900x300

Finishes: Matt, Gloss


Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv collection of Ceramika Paradyz reflects the atmosphere of a lively Mediterranean metropolis with an unusual history. Inspiration for creating the collection came from the original Arabic designs decorating the walls of Middle-Eastern monuments.


The base tiles in 900x300mm format, in timeless white, are an ideal background for décor that draws attention: traditional arabesque or ascetic trapezoid forms.


Skilfully chosen lighting brings out spacious effects on their surface, emphasizing the structural shape. The collection makes use of glazing, which ensures an exceptional effect of reflecting the sun’s rays on the tile surface, referring to the beautiful, sunny area of Tel Aviv Jaffa.


Stone City

The Stone City collection of Ceramiki Paradyz brings back memories of a stone city, cut into rock centuries ago, now brought back to life in a contemporary version.


The collection fits into the fashionable trend of inspiration from textures from the world of nature and geometric forms. Tiles in the 900x300mm format are characterised by natural shades of greyness, typical of stone, which make an ideal, neutral background for structural decorations carved into stone.


The spacious patterns imitate looped geometric forms carved into rock – both fluid lines of waves as well as distinct triangles. The use of delicate glazing ensures an impressive finish and emphasizes the subtlety of the arrangement.


Norway Sky

The Norway Sky collection of Ceramika Paradyz was inspired by the northern lights, shining in the darkness of the polar night. The glossless wall tiles in the 900x300mm format are predominantly in a cold tone.


The light shades of Silver and Grey fit into the concept of the well-lit interior in a Scandinavian spirit. A winter motif also decorates the tonal panel – resembling the effect of the northern lights.


The delicate grooves in the stone surface of the tiles appear in two colours, which may be used as a dominant element in a minimalistic interior.


The apparent coolness of the arrangement, bringing back memories of a trip to Oslo, is worth breaking up with warming details: living plants and textures inspired by the world of nature, e.g. wood and stone. 



The Chevron collection of Ceramika Paradyz features subtlety and lightness, fitting into the concept of an elegant interior, maintained in timeless glossy.


The rich collection was designed with the intention that base tiles and wall decorations, in the 900x300mm format, are complemented by pedestals (300x80mm) and moulders (300x41mm). 


Finishing elements may be combined directly with the panel, with no need to add a higher tile. The tiles in the glossy version are valued by those who desire elegant, big-city interiors, maintained in timeless esthetics, but according to current trends.

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