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Light tone and delicate structure of ELIA wall matt tiles bring to mind the freshness of spring morning. The collection will be well perceived by people who are aware of current trends and whilst the same time who appreciate the harmony, simplicity and comfort of home comforts.

Tiles in the 750x250mm format are available in a neutral Bianco version as well as in the subdued, warm shades of Crema and Brown, that imitate the natural picture of the wood. Perfect complement to them is a mosaic (298x298mm) and two variants of structured decors 750x250mm, which are adorned by the subtle structures inspired with the world of nature.

Looping, slightly scratched grooves implement harmony, while at the same time pulsing weaves create a spatial illusion that produces the idea of three dimensions. Thanks to this subtle form, the collection fits perfect to modern and eco aesthetics, as well as to the Scandinavian one, emphasizing the cozy character of the rooms.


Bathroom And Bedroom Design With Ceramic Wall Tile Collection Paradyz Elia

Subtlety dipped in nature


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