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Ceramic Tiles 200x200 in RAL Colour System

A wide range of colours tiles from the Pastels Collection, also available in matt and gloss finishes, opens up new possibilities of arrangement. It allows you to freely vary the colour or monochrome surfaces of the walls.

Where the conditions are especially difficult and many people pass through. There are collections which you can fall in love with not only for their style, but also their functional features. The tiles are available in matt and glossy versions, and are an ideal solution for interior arrangement, especially for public utility buildings.The dominant trend in interior design this season is a distinct and bold colour palette. Publicly available areas, such as all types of waiting rooms, swimming pool showers and office interiors are often dominated by shades of grey. The Tubadzin brand presents an alternative for toned down colours and proposes the introduction of bold colorus to interiors.

RAL is used for information defining standard colorus for paint and coatings. It is the most popular Central European Colour Standard used today. The colorus are used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety.

The Pastel collection includes two types of wall tiles: matt and glossy, along with decors and wall skirting, as well as floor tiles. Due to its purpose and the use of tiles in often used interiors, the collection is characterised by high technical parameters and quality standards confirmed by numerous certificates. The frost-resistant floor tiles (MONO) have a high R12 anti-slip class, which is why they ensure maximum safety of use. The highest anti-slip class, which characterises all floor tiles in the collection, is a guarantee of safety in often travelled places, such as waiting rooms or corridors.

The Pastel collection’s colour palette facilitate the maintenance of cleanliness and their surfaces can come in direct contact with food, which is confirmed by the Health Quality Certificate of the National Hygiene Institute. The tiles’ durability is also tailored to rooms with heavy traffic, which is why the collection is an ideal solution also for car showrooms or retail stores, as well as working areas.


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