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What inspired Woody Allen and Maciej Zien?

Great artists, painters, directors, designers and architects have been inspired by European Capital Cities for many years. Great director Woody Allen and best Polish designer Maciej Zien have been connected by Barcelona and Paris. Woody Allen created two classic movies and Maciej Zien designed two ceramic tile collections named Barcelona and Paris. Thanks to his designs we can experience travel to those cities without leaving the comfort of our homes.


Barcelona is full of colours and patterns. In „Vicky Cristina Barcelona” this sunny city, which sparks romance is full of architectural wonders admired by so many tourists. In Maciej Zien’s collection designed for Tubadzin Group we can find wall mosaics in shades of grey, turquoise and sky blue. Also available are floor mosaics with more toned down colours. Glossy wall mosaic Barcelona 7A is formed with small tiles in a deep turquoise colour. Used in the bathroom it will boost your energy for the day. Placed in the shower and above a vanity it will create an interesting interior finish.

Floor mosaics in the Barcelona collection draw on classic styles with use of geometric shapes and shades of grey colour. 3D effects will draw the attention of anyone walking on them. With high wearing and anti slip resistance it is an ideal solution for entry hallways as well as bathrooms. Grey shades combine well with both pale neutral walls as well as the ones in bright full colours.


Another European city which inspired both artists was Paris. Allen presented it in the movie “Midnight in Paris” and Zien has created an eight piece wall décor Cadet within his Paris range. Grey shades were utilised in the same way as in Barcelona collection. This works well with neutral shades as well as intensive autumn colours. Paris collection tiles will fit not just private residences but also public areas such as cafes and restaurants. Your flat white or long black will taste much better when enjoyed in such unique interiors.


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